Dr. J. T. Flowers, Pastor

Dr. Jacqueline T. Flowers is the Pastor of Time of Celebration Ministries Church. As a mother and grandmother, she is dedicated to rebuilding our families by precept and example. Pastor Flowers works very closely with her husband, Rev. Jerry Flowers, Sr. Together, they are committed to restoring creditability to the Body of Christ through righteous living.
Pastor Flowers is the author of several books and an awesome preacher/teacher of God's Word. Her transparent lifestyle and simplicity of teaching has brought many into a pure understanding of God's Word. Her desire to see women whole and functional in the family, whether married or unmarried, brought about the development of a Women's Fellowship, "Women of the High Calling." Pastor Flowers has developed an awesome Teaching Ministry to encourage God's people to become serious students of God's Word and credible witnesses in the Body of Christ.
The most rewarding facet of ministry for Pastor Flowers is seeing the lives of God's people transformed by simple, repetitious teaching. It is imperative that God's people make a “Godly statement in an ungodly society”. She believes that Christians are making a statement in their dress, with their words and behavior, in their selection of associates and so much more. We cannot afford to misrepresent the Kingdom of God in any area of our lives. We are the vehicle through which God can reveal Himself in the earth. This is her mandate for Christian living, and she constantly declares, "The most powerful sermon ever preached is the one that is lived."

Rev. J. W. Flowers, Sr.

Reverend Jerry W. Flowers, Sr. is the multi-talented Elder and oversight Pastor of Time of Celebration Ministries Church in Houston, Texas. He is the author of the book, “My Wife is the Pastor”. Reverend Flowers is committed to upholding the standard of character, ethics, and integrity. Rev. Flowers is the Director of the Music Ministry and the creative head of the Audio/Media Ministry and the Men's Ministry. Along with his wife, he oversees Counseling, Marriage Enrichment, Ordinance Ministry and the teaching of God's Word. Reverend Flowers graduated from Joliet Junior College earning an Associates Degree in Music, and is the producer of several albums.
He ministers the Word of God boldly and is a vivid demonstration before the people of God as a man of discipline, prayer and sound spiritual conviction. He shares with the men of God that God is not a respecter of persons and has not restricted Himself to the male gender. Reverend Flowers states, "God will use whomever He chooses to proclaim the truth of His Word." Rev. Flowers is determined to see his wife preach the Gospel alongside him. Together, their boldness, team effort and Godly example are impacting both men and women, as they passionately seek to build strong marriages and develop leaders.